Zine or Zeen Self-Published Booklet

Do you know about Zines (pronounced zeens for magazines)?

They are creative mini magazines that are designed and written by anyone that wants to create. According to Flipsnack Blog, APRIL 17, 2018 —by ADELINA “A zine is an independently or self-published booklet, often created by physically cutting and gluing text and images together onto a master flat for photocopying, but it is also common to produce the master by typing and formatting pages on a computer. The publication is usually folded and stapled.”

My first try at the Zine was Summer of last year. I had heard of the mini magazines and wanted to create one that was simple yet, maybe, funny. The mini book is about keeping your cat cool for the Summer without having an air-conditioner in one’s home. The zine is 10 pages long and yellow.

I was super excited to get a Zine in the works because I had this crazy idea that should write for fun. This deliverable little pdf gave me the ability to email it to the kids. It was super yellow because kids love Yellow and Yellow means fun.

Cliff notes: The cat is hot and the cat needs a homemade box, with holes, cut in the box, to get air the inside, the box… with a fan.

Illustrations to the Zine:

These illustration was the punchline of the Zine. You are suppose to LOL here.

In addition to the ungrateful cat in the illustration above, the cool makeshift box is there for the cat. So, let me end with this note. I can start from the beginning of a pre-school art creative piece to hopefully inspire one to start somewhere.

Have you created a Zine? Send me the read.

Credits: Flipsnack https://blog.flipsnack.com/what-is-a-zine/ and of course Adobe Spark.

I created the illustrations on Adobe Spark ( I have a subscription to Adobe CC and I go with what I paid for because I am waisting my subscription if not. #graphicdesinger)

Wood Craft:Heart Tattoo Coins

This week, I took the time to practice laser engraving. I found some Vector illustrations and engraved 12 x 12 inch wood sheet with the mom hearts.

The cut-outs are coin shaped about 2 inches each. The software that I used was Adobe CC Illustrator to create circles to cut around the wood to create the circle shapes. I used the circle tool in Adobe Illustrator. The job took an hour.

I have been wanting to use the laser engraver in the Makerspace at the local Library. I have some knowledge to navigate the laser engraver however, beginners may have to take a class to get to know the machinery. If you do not have access to a laser engraver, that is ok. We use what we have access to create.

We have many ways to create. An example of creativity is to use the power of play.

Using one’s imagination, one can simply utilize what items are around them. Play is a benefit for the human brain and kicking a ball around the back yard will simply do the trick to build the momentum of happiness. Long story short, take the time to play if you can not create.

Credit goes to: Vecteezy.com https://www.vecteezy.com/vector-art/127084-mom-tattoo-vector-free and Adobe Spark spark.adobe.com

Fabric Key Chain Lip Balm Holder

I was challenged to use the sewing machine at work. I do not have experience with sewing machines however, I did mend my plush animals as a child. As a beginner, I am going to create a fabric key chain lip balm holder blueprinted by my mind. I am sure I know how to create the holder if I look at one completed online.

In my mind, I believe that I will just need fabric and a sewing machine. Normally, creatives are told to sketch out an idea on paper. It was the great Leonardo da Vinci that sketched ideas on paper however, as a child, while I was creating in my mind, I kept the ideas in my cognitive thought and not a piece of paper.

For the sake of not insulting the great inventors and scientist like Mr. Da Vinci will go and sketch the idea down. I will not be stubborn. See you soon.

Credit: Idea and online help from 2020 THE POLKA DOT CHAIR  DIY Keychain Chapstick Holder Tutorial. AUG 30, 2018 · MODIFIED: DEC 8, 2019 BY MELISSA MORTENSON ·

A Moment For Minimalism and Happiness.

Minimalism has caught my attention and I have a few thoughts on this. Minimalism is what you make of it. Having been in school for media, I notice how society has created the mass production of items and thoughts to spend our money. Whether it’s internal or external, I think it comes down to a core feeling of happiness or lack thereof.

In my experience, of slowly minimalism, I continue to fall into the habit of shopping. However, I realize that this is for personal basic needs, to reduce the amount of bad that goes into my body, food wise, and to make use of an item. An example is the item that I bought at a thrift store. I looked at this chinaware and said to myself that it would make good use in my home for I will use it daily.

My husband on the other hand wants to put it away for special occasions and I noted that the original owners must of done just that. They put it away for special occasions and it still ended up at Goodwill. I will us the heck out of it and put to good use to see that everyday and give me the joy of knowing it was used for what it was intended.

Back to my original thought. Minimalism is what you make of it. If an item gives you joy, then have that joy. If you minimize giving up one thing to thousand of items, then that is perfect for you. The overall goal in life, as I see it, is to feel joy, be happy, and you do you. 🙂

Logo Redesign

I am taking the time to redesign the logo. At this moment the logo I created appears as this:

As a Graphic and Media designer, I have to improve the design for the brand that I desire to look and feel. The question that I have to ask myself; What kind of brand do I want to portray? The look and feel has to describe my personality with my goals and mission.

My first task is to name the attributes of the blog that provide the best adjectives to describe the blog. Those words are:


Here are the thumbnails of my 2nd draft of creating a logo. Mind that I will choose the colors later, the point today is the look and the colors will be the feel.

The goal of Create Happy 365 is to encourage to bring about creativity to everyone. As much as I see talented individuals, I also know of many who do not consider themselves talented.

The goal is to encourage the creativity out of anyone that can be brave and create. An example is the problem that I face with bringing about my creativity. I am bad at illustration however; I desire to continue to try without ridicule. I am creating a place for just that. All are welcome to share. If you are five or one-hundred ninety five, create, and I will be here to cheer you on.

We already know the benefits that creativity can contribute to the brain; Happiness. My motto is: The better the brain, the better the body, the better the life. I whole-heartedly believe this.

With the study of Social Psychology and Media Design, I have a feeling that happiness is something that we strive for and can have daily. I do not want to wait for a perfect time for happiness. I can make it and share it now.

Mini Valentines Woodcraft Cutouts

Today, January 11, 2020, I wanted to create something that had Valentine’s day theme. The local library has a Make II room and it holds inside a laser engraver. For practice, I looked at the free vector site, vectezzy.com and discovered some vectors that were simple to engrave. Below is a screenshot of the vectors.

Here above are the finished crafts. They measure about 2” each. I added vector lines with Abode Illustrator that cut out the parts stick figures. The only thing that I think these cutouts may look good with is cupcakes.
I was happy to create today and I am amazed by the projects that can be created for free at the local library.

“What is a Makerspace? You’ve no doubt been hearing that word more than a few times over the past several years. Makerspaces, also called hackerspaces, hackspaces, and fablabs, are collaborative spaces where people gather to get creative with DIY projects, invent new ones, and share ideas.” (oedb.org)
Feel free to share what you have created today.

Credit to the creators. Makerspaces https://oedb.org/ilibrarian/a-librarians-guide-to-makerspaces/ MAke II https://ppld.org/creative-services/make2-21c Adobe CC https://www.adobe.com/creativecloud.html Vecteezy.com https://www.vecteezy.com/vector-art/139938-free-valentine-vector-icons

Baby Yoda Time.

What? Are you one of the many Baby Yoda maniacs that cannot get enough of him? I am, I will say as I create many things that hold the child images. Yesterday, I created a laser engraved wood of the baby and the sidekick, The Mandalorian. As you can see, the baby is on my desktop at work and as I was teaching myself how to use the Epilog laser engraver, I found this adorable illustration (online) of the child.

I believe what makes me happy is the ability to surround myself with things that I adore. Creating the engraving while utilizing the image helped me learn. This is what learning is all about, having fun. Here is another image that went on Facebook at the local library.

I had this idea to print the image of the child and set him on one of the table displays on what can be made by 3D printing. Again this adorable child (50 years old), was created by a fan of The Mandalorian show. The 3D print was recreated from a individual of Thingiverse. Someone must have liked it because they took a picture of my picture and put that sucker on Facebook.

My ending is this, everyone is inspired by everyone else. I may not be a creative

gen·ius/ˈjēnyəs/Learn to pronouncenoun

  1. 1. exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.

However, I can practice with the help of others that will inspire me to create.